2015 April Trip Top 10

I was lucky enough to able to see quite a few groups this trip although I also missed out on quite a few as well. So here are my 10 Top new songs/groups from this trip.

    Honorable Mention (ECO Kaijyu – Starlight)
While not exactly an Idol group, their performance certainly had the energy of one. The four members consist of Setsu the singer in black, Eri and Yuna the two matching dancers, and Shinko who does a bit of everything I think.

The sample video is a pretty great example of their music and live presence, Starlight, the song I’m referring to, starts at 4:29.


    Honorable Mention (GIRLS4EVER – Keekyu de Ikou)
I liked the song but only caught it in passing as I was there to see another group. I wanted a 2-shot but payment system was all borked. I’ll definitely keep an eye for them next trip.

The PV is good if you want a more polished experience.


    Honorable Mention (FES☆TIVE – Omatsuri Hero)
Definitely want to see this group again. Lots of energy all over the place. Great handshake with Honami. Really liked the costumes. Fun song with Fun Choreography.

Again, there’s good PV for a more clean look at the group.


    #10 – Gouhou Lolita Syndrome (The Mirror World)
I would have loved to put this one higher on the list except that the day I went to see Lolisyn, the other member Hiro was sick. The performance ended up being a solo act with the dynamically powered Haru. But I still feel that I didn’t get the full experience. Definitely loved her look and stage presence. Also having rowdy fans didn’t hurt. Must see again next time. Can’t wait. Gonna buy a shirt too.


    #09 – READY TO KISS (ChuChu)
I ended up being pleasantly surprised by this group. I think it’s easy to dismiss them as a generic idol group. But the crowd atmosphere and their live intro are definitely something to see.

Best part of the song is when they go “Chu Chu Sukidayo” and everyone yells “ORE MO!”


    08 – asfi – Jo→Kigen Paradise
I had found out about asfi my last trip and HAPPY DRIVER turned out to be one of my favorite songs. I had listened to Jo→Kigen Paradise on the CD before but it wasn’t until I saw it live with the crowd that I really started loving it. Check it out!

It’s an old video, the current performances are even more engaging.


    07 – Whoop!e Whoop!e (It’s Alright)
Whoop!e Whoop!e (prounounced Upi Upi) is labeled as a “Hyper Teens Unit.” For some reason that really speaks to me. Love the costumes. Love the energy.

This video is the actual performance I went to. You can pick me out on the far right in a white shirt.


    06 – Aoyama Saint Hachameccha High School (BEYOND THE DARKNESS)
This is why I put so much emphasis on seeing groups live. I had seen BEYOND THE DARKNESS on YouTube earlier this year, but it wasn’t until @DJAMAYAOFFICIAL took me to see them live at Akihabara Twinbox that the song put it’s hooks into me. Now I have a favorite member and I can’t wait til I can get a Cheki with her.

Wish I could have found a live example though.


    05 – Kamiyado (Parachute Love)
Unfortunately, there’s no preview for this song. I heard it only once but I was smiling all the way through because everyone was doing the Romance portions together.

Check out their other song Kamiyado World to get an idea of the group. I’m still not sure how I feel about the Queen portion being in there but it’s bothering me less and less now.

**UPDATE** – They’ve uploaded a live performance of the song.


    04 – Ru:Run (Kurae Damashi no Ippai)
Ru:Run is the new group that Indie Superstar Momokawa Haruka (affectionately known as MomoHaru) is now a part of. Kurae Damashi is actually a song her previous group used to perform although I am uncertain if it ever got an actual release.

The video is actually of her old group but I’m using it as reference. Momoharu is in Orange with the twintails. She’s so Pro.


    03 – Nobuoka HIKARU (Kimi to Boku)
Formerly DJ HIKARU of Rhymeberry, HIKARU is now on the path to become a TV Personality. A great handshake and exquisitely tall, she’s becoming a real beauty.

The most I smiled at a live the entire trip. Just ask @DJAMAYAOFFICIAL.

No embed allowed so please click here. This was the actual performance I went to. Not sure if you can find me or DJ Amaya though.


    02 – TAKENOKO (Summer Days)
TAKENOKO is easily one of my favorite go to groups. While only a duo, their energy is so infectiously fun and their fans bring the same intensity.

Previously TAKENOKO was comprised of two different girls before being relaunched with the current line up of Utano and Mai. They still don’t have much up on YouTube which is why the video example is a clip from the previous group. Still fun though.


    01 – Tokyo Clear’s (Ai to Yuki no Clean Power)
The Clear’s groups are apparently Cleaning themed Units. All this time, I never knew. I found that out this time around. They literally sing about love and cleaning, which can be odd I guess. But none of that mattered once the music started playing and the fans started getting into it. Had so much fun at this live. Outfits were killer. Performance was clean. Members were gorgeous. Would do again.



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