2015 September Trip Top 10

I’ve gotten into a habit of catching a multitude of groups while in Japan. Some because of random chance while seeing other groups. Some because friends invite me to see their group. But after a Japan trip, I like to organize what I saw into a list that I can come back to a relive my favorite moments. If you’d please, I’d like to share that with you.

Honorable Mentions

Cherry Blossom – Tokonatsu Sweet Love

In my entire Idol Career, I’ve only seen this song performed maybe twice. That’s because Cherry Blossom only performs at PARMs on weekends or holidays. Then you have to be lucky enough for them to play it.

FES☆TIVE – Natsuiro to Ridoribon

I thought I had a good grasp of all the FES☆TIVE songs but of course going to see a group live always opens up new avenues. Here’s another song to add to FES☆TIVE list.

Top 10

10. 10 Color’s – Fighting Pose de Dakishimete

09. – Candy Zoo – CWB!!

Not even going to explain this one. Just a picture.



08. ALBERT – Senbatsu

I know the title of the video says ALBELT, but trust me the group is supposed to be ALBERT. They’re a subgroup of FES☆TIVE with an Albert Einstein logo. After coming to perform in San Francisco for JPOP Summit, the four members who scored the highest on an English Test got put into this “genius” group.

07. Tokyo Clear’s – Happy Day

Clear’s is a cleaning themed Idol production with groups in multiple regions. They have sort of a Senbatsu where members get ranked in to appear on singles and music videos. The Tokyo chapter is the one I follow although the songs are performed by most of the groups. The example provided is not entirely of Tokyo, it’s a mixture of a couple groups.


06. Ru:Run – Renai Shijyuuso (Love 4-Piece Instrumental Quartet)

Unfortunately, there’s always one song where I can’t find a video example for. And worse yet, this song is one that absolutely needs to be seen. It’s like a power anthem that includes human bridges, bodies spinning in the air, and towel butt slapping. Wish y’all coulda been there. It was truly a sight to behold, one that had me laughing and smiling all the way through.



05. Akishibu Project – Manatsu no Serenade

If it weren’t for that infamous VICE video, I may have never found out about this group. But because of it, I ended up finding a new group to see and LOVED IT. My only regret was not being able to see them again before I left.


04. Kamiyado – Hissatsu! Cho Kamiyado Senpu

Kamiyado was one of my favorite groups from last trip and sure enough they’re back on the list again with Sure Fire! Super Kamiyado Whirlwind. It’s a fun active song with changing choreography/role play.


03. Baseball Girls – Konno Koi, Dangan Liner (This Love, Hard Hit Liner)

This six member group is lightly baseball themed. I say lightly because while the songs and calls feature baseball references, none of the girls consider themselves baseball fans.

But the fans are rowdy and with high profile members like web comic artist Perorin Sensei and Mizusawa Cocoa, yes her name is COCOA, Baseball Girls have quickly risen to be one of the must see groups to while in Japan.


02. ULTRA Girl – ULTRA Ouenka

This is a rooter’s song. Basically a song for when you’re rooting/cheering on something. There’s nothing like seeing Little Tomoron screaming at the top of her lungs and flailing around with the arm movements. It’s powerful.

And then there’s Kawasaki.


01. Baseball Girls – Huichi no LOVELY KISS

Normally I wouldn’t put two songs from the same group on one list but I had to break my rule this time. Baseball Girls have only a few songs but each of the are unique and engaging. The fans are active and the girls are great. But I’ll let you decide for yourself…

What’d you think? Any songs you like? Love to  hear your opinions.


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